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Hi there, welcome to our shop. Feel free to have a look and will do our best in creating that special cake for any occasion. Birthdays, weddings or just something sweet for any time of day. Please note, that placing your orders (Pre-order)with us has its fixed amount of days otherwise contact us for the urgency of your order.

We work from our very own home kitchen and is registered with the Rangitikei District Council in Marton. 

Why Choose Us?

Whitz&Kidz Homemade Goodies is a small owned business proudly operating from the comfort of home which provides its services and products to the community for making delicious cakes and treats for any occasion. I am committed in achieving what the client’s vision is for their cakes turn into reality bringing not only happiness but great satisfaction.

I intend to make enough profit to ensure we source the best quality of ingredients and supplies and to progress further in our creativity in ideas and love in our work. 

Our VALUES reflects what we do to making your beautiful treats!!!


I look out for everyone's health and wellbeing by sourcing out the best ingredients, packaging to personalized decorations and especially edible decorations from our trusted suppliers within NZ.

We work in a safe environment and follow  Food Control Plan. 


I am customer focused and I say I will deliver what is being agreed on. I am honest and communicate in a timely manner.


I take full responsibility for what happens in the business, Any positive or negative feedbacks is acceptable towards the service or product will use to remind me for better improvement. 

Value Based- Pricing:

A huge factor when it comes to pricing is "Ingredients, utilities, indirect costs(transport to retrieve any ingredient/personalized stock needed that is not available), and labor costs(Time)". Please do keep in mind there are steps and processes that are beyond my/our control, the different elements used, the final part for when its done is the packaging and are all taken into account and included as a TOTAL PRICE amount. 


"Thank you for the beautiful birthday cake, we love the taste" 

Local customer

About Us


Owner & cake decorator

My name is Whitley, a stay-at-home mum to 4, a self taught baker and cake decorator. I love utilizing my time in perfecting each recipe for any flavor of cakes and cupcakes. I like to try out (testing) any baked goods first with the help of our kids. They love it and I always ask them for feedbacks before I can fully stick to a perfect recipe. 

I am originally from Samoa. Our family moved to NZ in 2016 and since then... We love it here. Our new home and country.  Started baking only for tea to cater for family guests back home or just baking to try out.  I continued baking for our kids and for our close friends and church community. Hearing their feedbacks made my day. It also gave me an idea to start looking into it and how I can make it into something I love doing. 

So how? I had to do a bit of research and finding out how I can make it a business. With the help from the council I was able to follow all the guidelines. 

 Being a stay-at-home mum gave me time to watch other cake artists and from then on learned on the way . They inspired me to keep going and creating that perfect image when it comes to cake. 

"Every order is a learning journey for myself and enjoying at the same time." "Quality(taste) is what I believe in" more importantly is that I finally understood how custom made cakes takes me up to a level that requires full concentration to create something beautiful and watching or hearing it devoured with great satisfaction. 

I am not perfect but I know that I will put my 100% work into it. We prefer pick up Only and if delivery is requested, we can arrange that depending on location. 


You may still send us a message during offline hours and we will gladly get back to you as soon as possible. 


18 Gordon Crescent, Marton

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Pick up only 9am-12pm